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October 1, 2009

Schnauzer Pup-cake!

In one of my earlier posts I promised Amy that I would try and duplicate the Schnauzer pup-cake. Time consuming but I believe I got it done! Since I didn't have jelly beans I used a tootsie roll for the nose, and since I didn't have any fruit roll-ups my brilliant daughters told me to use laffy taffy!
I took a couple of pictures from start to finish. Starting with the base and the ears which are made of marshmellow dipped in pink sugar crystal candies.....

Then I went on and added a bit more......

If you are wondering what is beneath the piping it is half of a marshmellow!

The piping took the longest to do!

Do you see his lil tongue sticking out!! ;p

Well I hope you like the pics of my Pup-Cake...More to come soon...Next project is a cupcake with the Monster drink logo for another person here at work! Then some coconut cupcakes with a Malibu meringue buttercream frosting on top....


  1. Good morning! I am so impressed and excited about how your blog is turning out! I enjoy logging in and seeing all the new things you are willing to try, congrats!

  2. Loriann thank you soo much! I like a challenge so when people ask me I try my best! ;)

  3. can i order a few of these for Hiro's birthday? hehe

  4. Christina of course you can place an order for Hiro's birthday :p