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May 5, 2010

Hot pink and black zebra print cake

So my cousin Natalie was attending an 80's party this past weekend and the birthday girl wanted a cake to mach the decor which was hot pink and black zebra print. I am still waiting for some pictures to add to show how it blended in well with the decor, but untill then you can view it as it sat on my table :)
It was a red velvet caske with cream cheese filling and covered in vanilla butter cream frosting and vanilla fondant!
Here are some more pictures! I love how the cake blended in well with the decor :)
Thank you!

Flower pot cake

For those of you wondering: No I havent' mastered sculpting cakes yet. Surprisingly I did not need to do that for this cake. Some instructions did say I needed to but I found that I didn't have to!
This cake was made for Jason. It was his grandmothers birthday this past weekend and he wanted to give her a cake that looked like a flower pot filled with flowers. The cake was German Chocolate and filled with a  chopped coconut, pecan filling. It was covered in vanilla butter cream and vanilla fondant and I used grounded oreo cookies to make the soil on top of the pot. All of the flowers were made of gum paste. The only non edible part of the cake was the grass.
This was how it looked prior to me putting the flowers and the grass in:

And this is how it looked once completed:
Jason thank you for ordering!
I was glad to hear that you and your family enjoyed the cake :)