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November 16, 2009

Jojo's WWE cupcakes

My nephew Jojo turned the Big 5 this past week and I was asked to make some WWE cupcakes to go along with his WWE themed party. I thought why not just mimic the logo!
The cupcakes were vanilla filled with strawberries and strawberry glaze, topped with a vanilla buttercream. The logo was made from white and red chocolate candy melts.

Thank you for ordering Mizz Amber! :)

Kayla's Zebra print cake

This past week my daughter Kayla turned 7 and she asked me to make her a zebra print cake for her jungle themed birthday party.  Boy oh boy did I have fun making this one. It was my first 2-tier cake. My daughter loves chocolate so the bottom tier was triple chocolate fudge with a vanilla/chocolate chip pudding. The reason I made a top tier was because my daughter remembered that one of her friends that was attending her party is allergic to chocolate so she asked me to make vanilla cake for her. For those of you wondering, those balls are not gumballs, I got asked that a lot during her party. They are made out of marshmellow fondant.

Thank you for everyone that attended her party she had a blast sharing her day with all of you! :)

Strawberry pie cupcakes

So they may look like mini strawberry pies, but reality is that they are triple chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with strawberry and also topped with strawberry glaze. I got this idea from Flickr where I happen to find many fabulous ideas. The original cupcake pies were made to look like pumpkin pies, which I will be making for Thanksgiving! Here is a picture of what I made for Alissa....

Thank you for ordering Alissa! :)