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October 5, 2009

Strawberry-Lemon cupcakes with extra whipped cream cheese frosting

These cupcakes turned out great tasting! You may not be able to see from the picture but yes there are strawberries in the cupcakes it's not just the strawberry filling. I thought the strawberries would cook too much or something of that nature, but they didn't! Here is what they looked like as I prepped them in the pan.

I made some regular size cupcakes too and this is what they looked like after they finished cooking.

I will be very honest with you my house never smelled so yummy as these were cooking. I guess you had to be there ;)

Here are the regular and mini cupcakes cooling on the rack.

This is what they looked like after I piped the frosting on them. When piping even the simplest design DO NOT USE extra or whipped store bought frosting. I bought the frosting to save some time WRONG idea! I will stick to making my own from now on. When I put the frosting into the piping bag it got softer and looked like glop when I put it on the cupcakes. :(

They shouldn't look like this you should be able to see each round right on top of the other. You see the one to the right pretty bad but that is when I ran out of frosting so I just smashed the little dome.

This is what they look like when you dip into them

Here is a sneak peak on what I am working on next. The logo I made was too big for the cupcake so I have to make it smaller so that it will fit perfectly on the top of the cupcake!

Hope you enjoyed...

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