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December 16, 2010

Guinness cake!

Let me start by thanking Julius for drawing the template for this cake. I am horrible when it comes to sketching things out!
Here is the cake after it has been covered in fondant:
And then after it was done being decorated!

From what Suzanne told me the cake was a huge hit! The restaurant staff was even in awe! It makes me feel good to hear things like that! :)
Thank you for ordering from me!

December 10, 2010

Purple and black stripes

Marie tried to order her birthday cake this year and I refused! All that she told me was that she wanted the cake to be chocolate overload since she LOVES chocolate. I was fair and made a cheesecake creamcheese and strawberry filling because she was sharing her birthday with Omar.
For those wondering her sister was the one who placed the order afterall. Marie just wanted to make sure that the cake was her favorite flavor, oh and that it was decorated in her favorite color purple!  :)
Thank you ladies for bringing business my way and I am so glad that you enjoyed the cake!

Checkerboard cake

Since my neice liked the Swet 16 checkerboard cake I made she asked for me to replicate the checkerboard onto her cake but with her favorite color purple. I added green to make the purple pop!
Hope you liked your cake! Happy Birthday Ciara! :)

Birthday Presents for Kayla

My baby girl Kayla didn't have a characther theme for her birthday this year. I guess it is because she is getting older and out of cartoons and such. She had a Green party! Why green? Well, it is her favorite color so she asked for everyone to wear that color on her special day. What better to go along with the day than green presents as cakes!
More pictures to come once I upload them from my camera!

November 8, 2010

Jojo and his Spongebob birthday party!

I guess I work best when I am under a time crunch! I didnt think I was going to be able to pull off making a Spongebob cake, but I think it turned out great!

This was Spongebob freezin his pants off.... ha ha
This is him with his eyes, nose and arms attached
..hmmm I was scared it didnt look quite like him yet so I quickly had to add his legs and shoes:
still a little scared so I had to hurry and add some more features...and fast!
 Finally he has started to come to life...Phew!

I noticed Jojo peeking at his cake througout the night, I thought it was cute! I had to take a picture of him with his cake of course!
And here he is making a wish before he blew out his candle:
Amber and Joey I had fun making the cake and was glad that Jojo liked it :) xoxoxo
For those wondering the cake was a white cake with a strawberry filling, to my surprise it tasted like a strawberry shortcake!

October 18, 2010

Tealights or Lollipops? Or how bout both!

Baby Shower time and I was looking all over the web to come up with some ideas for Davielle's Baby Shower. Needed it to be something different so I finally came across some tealight lollipops. I wish I would have remembered the link where I got the idea from so thank you for whoever came up with this idea!
I think these are very cute.
Kaliah thank you for ordering these treats from me!
I am hoping everybody liked them as much as I did! 

Sweet 16

I am glad to have been able to make Hailey her Sweet 16 cake. She requested the number 16 and for it to be decorated pink and black to keep with her color theme! Take a look and tell me what you think.
Before I finished frosting the cake:

and....After it was decorated:
Jason and Courtney thank you for ordering this cake from me!
Courtney text me the day after the party and advised me that Hailey was nearly in tears when she saw her cake! Bitter sweet!!!I am so happy that I was able to accomplish this for her :)

October 4, 2010

Pink leopard print cupcakes

Tiffany whom is also another of my loyal customers ordered these for her birthday party. This was strawberry heaven. Yup everything was strawberry flavored! For those wondering the leopard print was drawn on using edible markers and topped with an edible glitter!

The cupcake below the rest was a jumbo size cupacke for the birthday girl!
Tiffany thank you for ordering :)
For more pictures of the cupakes and to see what Tiffany has been up to click here to go to her blog :

Hello Kitty

This cake was very fun to make. I was given a sample of t-shirts that were being worn at the birthday party, and was given the invitation as well. So I used those ideas to come up with the design of this cake. The top tier was strawberry cake with strawbery butter cream, and the bottom layer was a choacolate chip cake with vanilla frosting.

Alissa I hope that your lil cupcake loved her birthday cake as much as I had fun decorating it!
Thank you!!!

Lil flowers

This time this wasn't ordered by Angela but it was for her from her bestie Elizabeth. This cake was chocoalte galore on the inside. Chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips, and chocolate pudding with mini chocolate chips.
Thank you for ordering Elizabeth :)

Bow cake

Angela, whom is one of my loyal customers needed a quick and simple cake for one of her friends birthday parties. All she told me was that she liked the colors black and teal. So I figured why not keep it simple. Sometimes I think less is more.
Thank you and I hope the birthday girl loved her cake!

Gotta have Faith......

A couple of months back Marcus asked me to make his best friend some red velvet cupcakes for her birthday. He only wanted enough to spell her name out and one to put a smiley face on... take a look:
Marcus I am glad that she loved her cupcakes. Thank you for ordering the cupcakes from me!

I'm Baaaaacccck!!!

I wanted to take the time and get to posting the cupcakes and cakes that I have made in the past months. I have been away from posting here on the blog due to being lazy So sorry!!!

June 7, 2010

Pa pa pa poker cake.....

Ok so my cousin's boyfriends birthday was on Saturday and his sister wanted a poker themed birthady cake to celebrate his 26th party. There were so many options but wanted to keep it a bit on the simple side. This was a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling.
I will be adding more pictures once they come in from the party!