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February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bootleg Kev

So the friends from Idaho came into town to celebrate Kevin's birthday and in advance Jo asked me to make some personalized cupcakes for his party with the family. The cupcakes were a red velvet, with cream cheese frosting, and topped with black melted chocolate letters and microphones.

She also had me make some vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and topped with some pink chocolate hearts.

Thank you for ordering Jo! :)

Thomas the Train

So this was my version of Thomas the Train. This was a vanilla cake filled with vanilla pudding and freshly sliced banana, covered in vanilla fondant. I will be posting more pictures once the pictures from Edwards party come in!!
Happy 3rd Birthday :)
The picture above is the picture I used to create my cake.

The cupcakes were also vanilla flavor, filled with vanilla pudding and topped with a banana butter cream!
Thank you for ordering from me Brandi :)