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December 10, 2010

Purple and black stripes

Marie tried to order her birthday cake this year and I refused! All that she told me was that she wanted the cake to be chocolate overload since she LOVES chocolate. I was fair and made a cheesecake creamcheese and strawberry filling because she was sharing her birthday with Omar.
For those wondering her sister was the one who placed the order afterall. Marie just wanted to make sure that the cake was her favorite flavor, oh and that it was decorated in her favorite color purple!  :)
Thank you ladies for bringing business my way and I am so glad that you enjoyed the cake!

Checkerboard cake

Since my neice liked the Swet 16 checkerboard cake I made she asked for me to replicate the checkerboard onto her cake but with her favorite color purple. I added green to make the purple pop!
Hope you liked your cake! Happy Birthday Ciara! :)

Birthday Presents for Kayla

My baby girl Kayla didn't have a characther theme for her birthday this year. I guess it is because she is getting older and out of cartoons and such. She had a Green party! Why green? Well, it is her favorite color so she asked for everyone to wear that color on her special day. What better to go along with the day than green presents as cakes!
More pictures to come once I upload them from my camera!