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September 23, 2009

Relay for Life

Super stoked!
I work in an executive suites building and a wife of one of the tenants came by. I showed her pics of my cupcakes. She saw them and went on to go and see her husband. When she came out she stopped and asked me to be a part of her annual Relay For Life Boutique. $25.00 for a spot and of course the proceeds go to the charity.She also holds this annual event to help women to promote their biz ventures! She said that it would be a great way to get my name/info out there! Rumor has it this lady knows plenty of people.So of course I agreed! She wants me to have an assortment of cupcakes so that I can sell and to also have mini plain cupcakes of different flavors so that people can sample. I can't wait.

Schnauzer cupcake...

So I showed some of my cupcakes to people here at work, and after lunch 1 of the girls came to my desk and brought me a cupcake book and a picture guide on how to make a Schnauzer cupcake. She has a cute lil doggie so I told her I would make it for her. This book has over 500 cupcakes in it. OMG!

Thanks Amy! I will hurry and make copies of the recipies and return your book :)

Triple Chocolate Fudge Spider & Baby

So here is the picture of the spider and her baby. They are made out of a triple chocolate fudge batter topped with dark chocolate frosting and black candy sprinkles. I used yellow vanilla candy melts for the eyes along with black chocolate frosting for the pupils! The only non edible part are the legs. I couldn't get the edible black spray to stick onto the pull and peel twizzlers, so I used black wire. I should have photographed these at home though! On the way to work today I had to come to a hault and they fell and got smashed!
Boo hoo......Wanted to share them with you anyways.

All of my ideas come from mutiple sites but the majority are from Flickr's website. So thank you to the many people that post all of their creations, and others creations. :)

September 22, 2009

~~Mia's Pieces~~

Not only will I be posting baked goods on this blog but I will be posting invitations that I make, scrapbooking pages, birthday cards, and party favors. I love crafty things. Stuff to keep me busy...As if I have the time right? Well in order to keep sane I MAKE the time to get these things done. I am just now starting the whole baking/decorating and love it. I am starting off simple and cute but I WILL get to the point to where I can decorate things to where they look professional. So spread the word!!!