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March 30, 2011

A Special Memory Cake

Melissa is another client who comes to me on a regular for her cake orders. This one was a special one. She was getting together with a friend who's husband passed away. She wanted me to make a cake with a picture of her friends husband on the cake with the saying: I will always love you on it. She knew that it would mean everything to her best friend! Melissa called right after she left dinner to let me know that her friend absolutely loved the cake! Her friend was in tears when the cake was presented to her.
I am so glad that I was able to make this happen for her!

Valentine's Day cake and cookie!

This cake pictured is a heart shaped strawberry cake filled with fresh strawberries, and bananas! Covered in candy nonpareils.
Tiffany thank you for continuing to use me as your to go to Sweets Lady!! I always love the ideas you have in mind for me to create! Just an FYI this cake was ordered by her but from her son to his grandmother! Too cute!

This next picture is a giant heart shaped cookie!
The cookie was chocolate chip and the border of the cookie was covered in whipped cream and had heart shaped candy on it as well.
Thank you Tiffany xoxo

Forgive me for my lack of late postings!

I just have not had the time to upload and take pictures that people have sent me via Facebook to add to my blog. I promise it will happen very soon!

Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cakes

My sister decided that she was going to have both her son & daughters birthday together this year. Two totally different themes too, so that meant 2 different cakes! Hello Kitty (Strawberry cake w/cream cheese filling) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(Chocolate cake w/ chocolate pudding filling)!
Take a look:
Hello Kittys face was entirely star piped, minus the nose, eyes, and inner part of her bow.
Mickey Mouse Club House wouldn't be complete without Toodles:
I tried to study the font as much as I could so that I could freehand it onto the stars. Not too shabby!
I needed to add a little more color to the cake so I added some grass for the border.
 I have 3 more cakes to upload!
Come back to my blog soon!

January 20, 2011

Single red rose w/ black polka dots...and scissors!

This beauty of a  cake was custom made for a hairstylist. The black polka dots represented the color that everybody was to wear at the party, and the single red rose to represent the color the birthday girl would be wearing. She was to stand out against the rest of the crowd. The scissors....well to represent her profession of course! I wanted the cake to stand out so of course I added edible glitter throught the entire cake. It was hard to see due to the photos I took with my phone but all of the polka dots were covered in black edible glitter and looked amazing!

My blank canvass
 This is after the cake was decorated with all of the glittered up polka dots!
 After I added all the goodies on top
 Tried to get a good angle shot so you could see the glitter
Here are some pictures from the party:
Stephanie I hope your sister enjoyed the cake you ordered for her!
Thank you!

December 16, 2010

Guinness cake!

Let me start by thanking Julius for drawing the template for this cake. I am horrible when it comes to sketching things out!
Here is the cake after it has been covered in fondant:
And then after it was done being decorated!

From what Suzanne told me the cake was a huge hit! The restaurant staff was even in awe! It makes me feel good to hear things like that! :)
Thank you for ordering from me!

December 10, 2010

Purple and black stripes

Marie tried to order her birthday cake this year and I refused! All that she told me was that she wanted the cake to be chocolate overload since she LOVES chocolate. I was fair and made a cheesecake creamcheese and strawberry filling because she was sharing her birthday with Omar.
For those wondering her sister was the one who placed the order afterall. Marie just wanted to make sure that the cake was her favorite flavor, oh and that it was decorated in her favorite color purple!  :)
Thank you ladies for bringing business my way and I am so glad that you enjoyed the cake!

Checkerboard cake

Since my neice liked the Swet 16 checkerboard cake I made she asked for me to replicate the checkerboard onto her cake but with her favorite color purple. I added green to make the purple pop!
Hope you liked your cake! Happy Birthday Ciara! :)

Birthday Presents for Kayla

My baby girl Kayla didn't have a characther theme for her birthday this year. I guess it is because she is getting older and out of cartoons and such. She had a Green party! Why green? Well, it is her favorite color so she asked for everyone to wear that color on her special day. What better to go along with the day than green presents as cakes!
More pictures to come once I upload them from my camera!