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March 30, 2011

Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cakes

My sister decided that she was going to have both her son & daughters birthday together this year. Two totally different themes too, so that meant 2 different cakes! Hello Kitty (Strawberry cake w/cream cheese filling) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(Chocolate cake w/ chocolate pudding filling)!
Take a look:
Hello Kittys face was entirely star piped, minus the nose, eyes, and inner part of her bow.
Mickey Mouse Club House wouldn't be complete without Toodles:
I tried to study the font as much as I could so that I could freehand it onto the stars. Not too shabby!
I needed to add a little more color to the cake so I added some grass for the border.
 I have 3 more cakes to upload!
Come back to my blog soon!

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