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January 20, 2011

Single red rose w/ black polka dots...and scissors!

This beauty of a  cake was custom made for a hairstylist. The black polka dots represented the color that everybody was to wear at the party, and the single red rose to represent the color the birthday girl would be wearing. She was to stand out against the rest of the crowd. The scissors....well to represent her profession of course! I wanted the cake to stand out so of course I added edible glitter throught the entire cake. It was hard to see due to the photos I took with my phone but all of the polka dots were covered in black edible glitter and looked amazing!

My blank canvass
 This is after the cake was decorated with all of the glittered up polka dots!
 After I added all the goodies on top
 Tried to get a good angle shot so you could see the glitter
Here are some pictures from the party:
Stephanie I hope your sister enjoyed the cake you ordered for her!
Thank you!