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September 23, 2009

Triple Chocolate Fudge Spider & Baby

So here is the picture of the spider and her baby. They are made out of a triple chocolate fudge batter topped with dark chocolate frosting and black candy sprinkles. I used yellow vanilla candy melts for the eyes along with black chocolate frosting for the pupils! The only non edible part are the legs. I couldn't get the edible black spray to stick onto the pull and peel twizzlers, so I used black wire. I should have photographed these at home though! On the way to work today I had to come to a hault and they fell and got smashed!
Boo hoo......Wanted to share them with you anyways.

All of my ideas come from mutiple sites but the majority are from Flickr's website. So thank you to the many people that post all of their creations, and others creations. :)

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  1. these are my favorite!!! keep up the good work, i'm always down to sample hehe