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November 3, 2009

Baby shower invitations and favors

First and foremost I would like to thank Kaliah for ordering the invitations and favors! She wanted something very cute for her sisters baby shower being that this is her sister 1st baby! Her theme was pink and brown and so I decided to make a baby onesie for the invitation. Some of you may know and some may not but odd numbers are more appealing to the eye so of course I added 1 more color to the invite.

They opened up and on the inside I added vellum paper and pink rhinestones to match the outside of the invitation.

This next picture is the invitation, envelope, seal and direction insert.

My theme for my baby shower was also pink and brown and I had a hard time finding pink and brown party favors but mentioned to Kaliah what I made for my shower. Very simple and plain but cute. They are filled with pink peanut M&M's and chocolate Skittles. Take a look...

Once again Thank You Kaliah!!!

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