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October 26, 2009

NY Yankee cupcakes/ Red Velvet cupcakes

Sunday I woke up thinking I needed to pay tribute to the NY Yankees. I had some time before the game started to whip up some fantastic red velvet cupcakes filled with vanilla pudding, and topped with cream cheese frosting. I always speed through things due to the fact that I have a 10 month old baby who is attached to my hip the majority of the time. Here is the picture of the cupcakes:

This is what the rest of them looked like:

I also went to my 2nd class and we are only allotted 30 minutes to decorate our cakes and this is what I did. Originally the cake was supposed to be plain white, but a girl bumped into me and pink pixie dust spilled onto my cake. I should have taken more pictures of the side of my cake. There were hearts around the cake too! There were some decorations towards the bottom of the cake but didnt like the way they looked so I took them off.

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